Loosing my Girl to an MMO

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Loosing my Girl to an MMO

Postby Draconisnox on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:57 pm

Look, I dont know what to say about myself, and Im not huge on the whole online thing, but Im trying to actualy find help, not a support group.

For the first year, it wasnt so bad: She would play a little EQ2, ignoring the rest of the world for a few hours, then we would go out and do things, watch movies, enjoy contact and friendship. Now its going on four years, and it has progressed to some serious problems.

Per example, a friand and I wanted to hang out with her and we were litteraly told that we should know HER raid scedual now and not bother her about anything until she was good and ready. Then we get chewed out for watchign a movie without her. Mind you, she is telling us this via text message WHILE SHE IS IN THE RAID. Which, by the by, lasts 4 hours or so.

She is always crafting, and when ever I wish to do something with her it always has to wait. Usualy that wait time never comes around unless everyone in her guild goes to bed. She also says she will never get personal with people online, and yet she talks to them about their kids, masterbation, types of sex she likes (And hasnt had in ages thanks to eq2...) and gives them her cell phone saying she is untracable via cell phone since she is "unlisted". Yet we have had christmas gifts sent here...

She is cranky, gets mean when anything EQ2 related is brought up and how much time she spends on it. Infact, I would say mean. She also blames everything on everyone else now, when it comes to why she will not get away from EQ2. She works, plays EQ2 until her guild is asleep, watches an episode of some drama for thirty minutes, then goes to bed. We simply do not see her any more unless it is outside of her raid/guild scedual.

I seriously need intervention, since her whole life is being ruined at this point by her neglect of reality, friends and family.

Does anyone here know if Sony has a way to stop somone from playing EQ2 when such situations arise? I would be more than willing to contact somone on the phone about this issue as well. Who can I contact about this since she refuses to listen to anyone she knows in real life?
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