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New to Gamer Widow

Postby MirMid on Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:06 pm

I feel I may have found your site too late. My husband and I were in couples counseling until he has now refused to go (for the past 3 weeks). We have a 13 month old son and my husband is in the USAF. He plays Call of Duty with his coworkers every night, sometimes for 4+ hours in the evening, as well as throughout the day if he doesn't have work. He hasn't been eating or sleeping much. HE complains of 'headaches' or 'migraines' whenever I suggest we go and do something (bike ride, walk, go for a drive, exercise together, etc.) He has also started showing up late for work. He spends all of his free time gaming. I have tried to make him more accountable and aware of his time by asking him, before he goes downstairs, how long he will be playing for. (suggestion of our therapist) For a little while (While he was still joining me at therapy) he would come up when he said he would. Now he doesn't. When I go down to let him know he said he would stop an hour ago he gets mad at me for interrupting him and then stays downstairs playing because he doesn't want to be around me. He has almost no interaction with our son and, if I get upset with my husband he starts ignoring me. We went 5 days without 2 words to each other once before we started therapy. When he refused to go to therapy with me today I lost it and, upon my return, he said that he was going forward with a divorce. He still thinks that he has no problem, at all. Our therapist told me that he will probably have to hit rock bottom before he makes any changes, if at all. I am so frustrated and feel conned. When we met, he didn't play video games at all. Even the entire year we lived together before getting married. When he went away to Tech School for the USAF he started playing a lot (I had no idea). When we moved to our first base, things were fine. It wasn't until about 4 months into my pregnancy, that the gaming started to become a problem. I feel so powerless.... And to try and hurt me he is making ridiculous claims that he is going to get full custody of our son and that my healthcare will stop the moment we start the divorce process (which is a LIE - i spoke to TriCare and the day the divorce is FINALIZED my coverage ceases. I have been in ongoing p.t. for a car accident injury and he knows that I am fearful of not having care for the injury). He has become a bully. Whenever he is home he is tired and short tempered since he is not getting much sleep and he takes it all out on me.
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Re: New to Gamer Widow

Postby ginabean on Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:55 pm

I noticed that nobody replied to your post - was wondering how you were doing? Please let us know....
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Re: New to Gamer Widow

Postby JenRose on Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:14 am

This sounds almost identical to my situation. How are things going for you?
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