Hi new here.

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Hi new here.

Postby MissMouse on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:34 pm

Hmm never done this before. I'm 26 and been Engaged for 5 years >.<. I have a 4 year old daughter. I play WoW maybe 2 hours every other day or once a week, (always when the kid is in bed sleeping at bed time lol) the game is simply for me to pass time if i have it and a way to goof off for a hour or 2. :lol
4 years ago I was on SL for a day and he made an account since then i think i made a HUUUGE mistake. I feel that i lost him 4 years ago. I got bord of SL and didn't like still have loging on games alllll the time. it's supose to be a pass time when the kids are sleeping and you done all you need to for the day and know you have a hour or 2 to kill.
My s/o does second life. He's hugely into it to where it's the point of 4 years of non stop habit. Wakes up gets coffee turns PC on then logs on SL and skype. Stays on for 3 hours then gets him self food or i make it and bring it to him. Gets back on and stays on till dinner then eats (i force him to eat with us as a FAMILY lol) then goes back.
He DJ's on SL (plays tunes and gabbs on mic to his so called fans), and is the head DJ at a club. So he's always into the mng chat and preping for events and running secludes. He even has a fan group, which is not a big deal to me. He made a real album and i suport that 100% but i do NOT suport him being so into this game to the point where he isn't even here really. When we talk it brakes out in a fight because i'm interrupting his set or what he's doing. He talks more to the people online then with me, no joke .
It's to the point where he is more flirty with the female avatars (theya re just pixles dammit) then me. I'm fleshy i'm real.......I gave him and still am giving him years of my life to share. As for the bed room? i have to beg him to get off SL to pay attion to me in that way, and after words he hops back on SL. I have talked to my dad about this issue and his own mother. They all suport me if i chose to leave him, but they also know i'm a fighter and wont go down so easy.
I will admit i lost my temper 2 years ago and grabed his PC and stomped a mudd hole in it. I was so livid though. I went out to get food for us and when i came back out daughter was crying and screaming because she pooped her self and he ignored her. That set me off to where i screamed at him "What the hell is wrong with you?!?!" then grabbed his tower and threw it in the kitchen and started stomping on it with my boots. It was so not like me to lose my cool like that. After he grabed me and pushed me over the baby gate to get his PC and put it back to getaher and running he did sit down with me and we talked a bit out. But only to the point now days where i child if i'm gone is tended to. He does now if i'm NOT home take care of her. If i'm home tho, well i might as well be a singlee mom it sure feels that way.
So I looked online to find a suport grp for people who are going threw this. Came here and yup theres my story lol. (ah forgive the spelling and grammar i suck at both XD)
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Re: Hi new here.

Postby saltychip on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:47 pm

welcome to the forums. I'm sorry about your situation, I wish your SO would realize how you want to spend time with him and stuff. I was addicted for 3 years to warcraft and I never saw anything wrong with it. I ignored family and my responsibilities to play more and raid with my friends. The real thing that kept me playing was the social aspect of it. It's probably the same feeling with your man. The only way I quit was it took a girlfriend hurting my heart for me to realize what I was doing. After that I quit cold turkey a few weeks later. It's been almost a year since I played wow.

Of course some people get their heart hurt by a girl or guy and dive even deeper into wow or whatever game to escape the pain. I realized WoW was the cause of the pain. Needless to say, I didn't get back with that girlfriend but she helped me to quit and since then I've met plenty of other girls and been quite happy in life.

I'm only 18 though so It's not like I had that many responsibilities from 15-18(3 years of wow). Except for school but still it was kind of a wake up call to make me quit.
My story on how I beat the addiction to WoW
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Re: Hi new here.

Postby Tawnee on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:43 am

Hiya Miss :beer

So who brings in the income to support your little family while he games all the time?

Cause that's what it is...a game.

I can't really give much support with staying cause I chose to kick my partner out 2 1/2 years ago and life has never been better :lol

Does he realise the issue? Or is this just another thing he uses the game to escape from?

He is no longer single and no longer just responsible for himself.

He chose to be with you.

He chose to have a child.

He needs to man up and be a Dad and partner.

Have you gone on strike? No cooking, no cleaning his computer desk, no washing his clothes...especially no nookie.

If he wants to act like he is single then he needs to be treated like he is single.
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Re: Hi new here.

Postby MissMouse on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:46 pm

Hi salty,
I had a few friends get to that point with halo online or rainbow 36. So i thought i knew what to do when i helped them quit. I just took the xbox and locked them in my room and the net cable also. Then held a meeting with them there and they're wives and gf's. It seemed to work with them but easyer said then done when a issue like that hits home. WoW is a socal game but i really don't talk to anyone there i like to just simply solo and relax for a hour or two. I have been on a raid and they get so mean and yelled alot during the boss fight.
my SO tried throwing WoW at me i had to remind him i play maybe once a week for a hour or two AFTER my duties are done and our child is in bed. I also told him our kid and him are always frist in my life and he should be the same way. We had a huge fight about that to where i left him. He said he would stop and begs me to come back so silly me came back that was 2 years ago and nothing has changed. I even shut off my wow account to show him games are just games. I took all my PC games and xbox ones the sold them at game stop, even sold my DSI. None of that got threw to him. Sadly i'm losing hope.

Hi Tawnee,
He is the income. I'm a homemaker, i can't work due to my anxiety (I have PTSD). SL is a free online game/3D chat so no money that i know of goes to it. As for suport i suport the family, he well just brings home income and then poofs on me. sorry if that sounded so harsh.
oooh i'm tempted to leave him again but make it for good. I hate feeling alone and if i'm feeling single i might as well be.
We have ahd many fights so he knows the issue.
I have explained hes not single anymore and has me and a child he should be more alert of his surrounding and pay more attion to us or he will lose us. he got mad and we fought.
Yes i have gone on strike a few times. I literally made only enof meals for me and our kid. and would even not talk to him. Took him a whole week to see what was going on.
No nookie, well there really isn't to start with for that to work lol. I'm the one who normally asks for it and i get shot down due to "I'm DJing babe leave me alone, go use a toy for your self" i was a smart ass to him after that i said "Ok well how about i go find a man to do it with then. since your more into a game then me." (i'm to chicken to da that >.<) all he said "yea uhuh sure have fun" i don't think he was paying attion. I am about to totally give up.
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Re: Hi new here.

Postby Jiellen29 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:28 am

Hi new here too,i really like this site co'z it is an interesting site,i really enjoy reading your post here...

Have fun guys!!!
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