New to here...glad I found this

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New to here...glad I found this

Postby troylyb on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:01 pm

My wife has been struggling for about 4 years with various online addictions. Started with Myspace...which after meeting and "falling in love" with some guy who lived in another country...told me she wanted a divorce...thankfully we didn't go that route. Shortly after that it became Farmville....pretty harmless right....wrong....let's talk about endless hours playing....constantly rescheduling life because she would have "crops coming due"....etc. Then...that was replaced by SL...and this one worries me more than the other 2 combined. She has now gotten into role play on this platform and is "writing a story" with another Male. I and my children have tried repeatedly to get her to at least curb it if not out and out give it up. I hope this has a happy ending...but I have to be honest that I'm scared it won't. She has online"friends" that tell her I'm simply trying to control her and that my behavior stems from my own insecurity...which is funny....because those that know me in real life, know I'm anything but insecure....I've been a professional musician for 30 years and have never heard the word "insecure" used to describe me.
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Re: New to here...glad I found this

Postby Sirena on Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:08 pm

Welcome to GW!


SL can be very dangerous for relationships. I would have a talk and simply ask her not to play it. Does she work at all? If you are the sole bread-winner, you could cut the internet off. Many marriages have fallen apart due to SL. Don't let her stay there.

You have found a great place here. Take care!
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Re: New to here...glad I found this

Postby wowhtr on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:20 pm

Man I feel your pain. My wife is the same way. It's scary reading your story because it's a mirror of my life. M wife and have been together for a long time. We've had our ups and downs. But WOW has been a major down in my life at least. Especially after my wife started joining bthe guilds and making these so called friends. She was gamer before our duaghter was born, but it's hard to see the look on her face when mommy has more fun playing online then spending time with her. I have gotten used to it but recently I noticed she had become more distant and was always hiding her cell phone. She would never hide her phone much less use it. Also her adittude started changing. Finally while she was out I found her cell and check the messages. I found she was not only chatting with one of her guild members but was sextexting. I was furious. I confronted her. Which led to her saying she wanted a seperation. After some heated words and and time to cool off we have been trying to sort things out. I like you want things to workout. Just like the wedding vows say for better or worse. Maybe need add a clause for gamers. I hope things workout for you, but , be prepared to walk away sometimes it's best to save your own sanity. Besides how much can a marriage work if your the only one trying to make it work. Also for anyone who says you have to be a gamer to understand what's it like. Well up yours I am a gamer and enjoy them fully, but, I don't let it run my life and wuold gladly put it down to spend quality time with my family.
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