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Avatars & Signatures

Postby Faeril on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:30 pm

.: Avatars :.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a pictorial representation of yourself that helps others recognize you when posting on the boards. You do not have to keep the same image once you have chosen one, but it's good to pick one you will be happy with and may keep for a long period of time. Many people tend to associate a person with their avatar so it is good to choose wisely. :D

Where can I find an avatar?

You can find an avatar pretty much anywhere. You may have a picture already saved on your computer, a RL pic you'd like to use, artwork you may have created yourself, or something you may have found online. When using outside artwork, other than your own, be sure to check the artists copyright information. Some artists allow their work to be used for avatars and some do not. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure they check that information before displaying their avatar on GamerWidow.com. :)

Some useful sites: (Note: One of the previous listed sites is no longer in use. If you know of any good sites where new members can find avatars, just let me know and I'll add it to the list!)

http://www.allavatars.com - These avatars are provided by the actual artists with their permission for you to use and download them freely.

I want to create my own avatar, but I don't know how.

There are many different programs in which you can resize your images. Some of the most popular are Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. There are also simpler programs as well that you may use for resizing that are found on your computer. :)

Avatar Guidelines

1) Avatars are not to exceed 110 x 170 pixels in size, but may be smaller such as 100 x 100 for example. :)
2) Please use gif or jpg format for your avatars. Some other formats are not viewable on certain computers and browsers.
3) Avatars can be an image of anything you choose. They can be a RL picture or a piece of art that you enjoy. If using artwork it is the members responsibility to find out copyright information.
4) Avatars can be animated preferably in a gif format. :)
5) Avatars must be hosted before submitting them to your profile.

I've found my avatar, how do I get my avatar to show on the boards?

First, you must have your avatar hosted. Hosting is basically storing your image somewhere accessible on the Web. You have 2 options for hosting an avatar.

First, you can choose to host your avatar yourself. If you already have webspace, feel free to host your image there. If not there are some free hosting websites you can try. However, some of these don't allow remote linking such as Geocities which means your avatar will not be visible on the boards. If you still would like to host your avatar on your own for free, try http://www.photobucket.com. They offer free hosting and are pretty easy to use. ;)

Your second option is to have someone host it for you. Right now, I'm willing to help with hosting, just send me an e-mail at melissa@gamerwidow.com with the title, Avatar Hosting, and your image and I'll send you the link to your avatar. :D In the future, there may be other members who are willing to help host avatars as well. ;)

Once you have your avatar hosted, go to the User Control Panel located a the top left of the boards, click the Profile tab and then select Edit avatar. When you edit your Profile, there will be an area that asks you to "Link to off-site avatar." You will post the link to your avatar in that space and hit the submit button. ;)

.: Signatures :.

Signature Guidelines

1) Graphical Signatures should be no more than 150 x 450. This is just the maximum height and width allowed, but you are encouraged to create your sig within reasonable dimensions. Usually 100 x 350 is large enough, but we want to allow a little more room for creativity. ;)
2) Text Signatures should be no more than 15 lines of text. :) If you don't have access or the means to create graphical signatures, there are still things you can do with text that can still make your signature appealing to the eye. These will be outlined below. :)
3) Animated sigs are allowed. Sigs should be in a gif or jpg format just like Avatars.
4) Smileys are also allowed in your sig, but don't over do it. ;) Sometimes having too many takes away from the clean look of your sig and can be a distraction from the content of your posts. :) So take that into consideration.

While everyone wants to be individualistic with their signature. Keep in mind that some members are on dial up and images take longer to load for them. Also, it's great to have a graphical signature and smileys, but don't overdo it. It may actually distract other members from your posts when that's probably one of the things you don't want. ;)

How do I create a signature banner?

Just like with resizing avatars, there are many programs that can help you create your signatures. Also, there may be some members who are willing to help you create a graphical sig. PM them and let them know what you are looking for and I'm sure they will be willing to help you out. :D

How do I get my sig to show?

Just like with Avatars, you will need to have your sig hosted if you are choosing to have a graphical sig.

To add a signature tag you need to go to your User Control Panel located a the top left of the boards, click the Profile tab and then select Edit signature.

The code for a text tag is the same as the posting one:

• Use [center ]TEXT HERE[ /center] to make it go in the middle of you post.
• If you want to color your text use this code - [color=the color you want] word here[/color]
• If you want to resize your text use: [size=....]text[/size]
• The image tag is - [img ]URL HERE[ /img]
Note: Due to spammers, the [url] feature is currently disabled.

To learn more about text formatting, click on the BBCode link at the left side of your signature box. :)

Now you should be set! :D

If you have any other questions regarding signatures or avatars, please PM Lyoness or myself. :D
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Re: Avatars & Signatures

Postby Tawnee on Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:09 am

Still love mine
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