Getting Access to the Private Forums

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Getting Access to the Private Forums

Postby Faeril on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:33 pm

Before requesting access to our private forums, members must first make an introduction post in the Introductions forum and have posted at least 3 other times elsewhere on the site for a total of 4 posts. Once you have done that, you may PM Lyoness or myself with the following information to gain access to the private forums: :) Application

E-Mail Address:
Location(State, Province, Country):
Forum/Forums you would like access too:
How did you hear about
What made you finally decide to join

We keep this information solely for our records and it is kept confidential. If you would only like to give your first name, that is okay too. :) All the forums are visible by guests, but the content inside cannot be seen by anyone who hasn't been given access, giving widow/widowers a place to discuss and communicate about their situations and the specific games they have access too. There is also a forum where all widowers can discuss and share their stories with one another.

Members of these private forums are also automatically added to Widow(er) Alley. :)

Thanks and enjoy!! :D
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