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Postby IllinoisKate on Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:27 am

Hi I'm Kate. I'm not a widow or an addict perse. Personally, I'm what I consider to be a "binge gamer" I tend to deal with stress by playing video games. My boyfriend is a gamer too but he's rather moderate in his gaming habits. I'm on here because I spent my entire spring break playing video games and after hearing about this site, I want to "check myself before I wreck myself." I've been realizing even though I will play video games for a few months then not game for 6+ months that I do not have a healthy relationship with playing video games which is preventing me from reaching my full potential. So I hope I can find answers and support for dealing with my habits in a more healthy and constructive way. Thanks for listening.
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Re: Hello.

Postby Jonathan on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:23 am

Hey Kate,
Welcome... If you have read some of the posts on the site then you have seen that many of the people here with gaming troubles are more extreme than a wasted week or two. When I was complete hooked on Warcraft for about 2 years, I would play every spare moment of the day and night rather than spend it with my kids and frequently skip their activities because it interfeared with a raid or instance. I would go home for lunch for daily quests and gathering herbs for the evenings raid. I would survive on just a few hours of sleep and be a zombie at work over-dosing on Mosters and coffee to survive the day. There are people who have used this site to share their story or that of a loved one that are much worse.
Some of the people who have posted here have spouses who have quit work because it got in the way of gaming. Lost loved ones because of an emotional romance started in a virtual forest or city where reality is a voice over vent and a perfectly shaped toon character represents the person you hear; Not the 19 year old college drop-out or the gaming-addicted stay-at-home housewife with 8 kids.
Gaming can be a great stress relief but do it in moderation. Don't play games like Warcraft where there is no end and there is always a new item, weapon, trinket, gear set,..... set an alarm so you know it has been 2 hours so you know its time to walk away. You are in a good position to have control before it takes over. Enjoy the game and remember that is all it is. A GAME!!!
Read some of the other posts and see if you find anything that sounds like you,,, a good wake up call.

Take Care,
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