Newby to gamer widows but not being the widow of gaming.....

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Newby to gamer widows but not being the widow of gaming.....

Postby hyjinx on Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:50 am

:desk i feel a bit like this little guy bashing its head against a object.

Longstory short my fiance/boyfreind ? i on that ultima online game it takes up all his time he doesnt have much time for me all he wants to be with is his game. Sometimes i feel like i just cant take it anymore so i go and get some space but this happens alot and is happening more often. We hardly do anything together and when we do were around freinds so its a bit of an escape. He did ask me to marry him but that was about 3 years ago and i said yes we diddnt have the money to get married then so we waited thank GOD i have felt like giving the ring back as it doesnt mean what it did back then but i know its an akward topic to give it back and stay together. I should leave him but but.... but but.... but ............. we have been together 8 years. Gladly we dont have kids and i wont marry him now he wants to but i refuse untill he pulls his socks up which i have told him that i want things to be good before we take the plunge. He lives in the house to so surely he can spare some time to clean the dishes and cook tea at least twice a week ? no its to much to ask.. im just fed up and venting at least im getting some space at the moment i need it !. He has called but here we go with the buts i dont want to go there as ill arrive and he will probably be on the game when i arrive and hell just be 20 minutes (really hours and hours on end) till i fall asleep on the couch and go to bed at like 3 am alone no wonder we hardly have sex anymore. I have come to the realisation that he is addicted to it like eg an alcoholic. Hey talk to me if i have not bored you to death already or you think im stupid because of all my spelling mistakes.

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Re: Newby to gamer widows but not being the widow of gaming.

Postby AMNeSia on Mon May 20, 2013 6:57 am

Welcome to GamerWidow.

Well, don't worry about the mistakes. I take it you wrote in a bit of a hurry to vent it all out. Yes, it can get frustrating. Trust me, you're frustrated by your gamer lover. I'm a gamer myself and frustrated of myself. Yes, gaming is addictive if out of control. I ended up being out of control and destroyed my life. I get trouble getting back up. I've gone completely stoic.

I am not saying you should separate and we'd all be really happy if he improved and got on track, but if that's the only way you can escape and be happy, then so be it. No point in continuing a relationship (or anything) which doesn't exist anymore. It gets difficult, I agree, but sometimes, cutting off everything is the only way to do it. Why not kick his ass a bit, tell him how you feel and see what happens? Yea, I know...kicking ass is not the easy way, or a preferred one, but as I said...sometimes, there's no other way, and you do deserve a better life.

Hope things get better soon for you. And don't worry...everyone, including me and you, are here to vent out their frustrations, get solutions, and listen to and help each other, so don't feel bad about venting it out.
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