Hello, hope to meet a lot of GamerWidows

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Hello, hope to meet a lot of GamerWidows

Postby evadestruction on Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:27 pm

:wave Hi, I am new to this forum. My husband isn't happy about it but that will change as soon as he puts a game in our PS3. We are both members of a gaming clan on the PSN, however due to my disabilities I cannnot play the First Person Shooters that the clan are currently playing and have been for the past two years.
I have been a member of the same clan for 3yrs, I joined when Rock Band was in favor with the clan, I am now on Rock Band 3 initially everyone had RB3 and was playing it but it fell out of favor and no one is interested due to the FPSs. Not only is my husband a member of the same clan, he is an Admin and a recruiter.
I am severely disabled with seizures and early onset dementia. He will play through a seizure, until the wee hours after I have taken my evening meds. When he tries to wake me up (one of my medications puts me in a deep sleep that my body needs due to depression & pain) he gets frustrated as I am in an in-between state of sleep and wakefulness. He will yell at me as if I am the problem. I have thought about leaving and going into a nursing home, however, I am too young to do that. I do have a caregiver 7days a week but the gaming usually gets heavy once they have left for the day. I love my husband but I cannot take being the one looking at the back of his head and feeling like I am in a glass box looking out at him. I am crying now so I am going to stop, but you get the general idea,
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Re: Hello, hope to meet a lot of GamerWidows

Postby AMNeSia on Mon May 20, 2013 6:19 am

Welcome to GamerWidow

No offence, but this is bull-shit. He's your husband and he can't even look after you? Even when you're having a seizure? Is he out of his mind? Yelling at you when you are asleep because of medications? Gamer or not, anyone going to these lengths is total crap. Since you said you're too young to stay in a nursing home, I won't say about separating, but you really deserve a better life. What kind of a fucking moron is he that he can't even look after his wife? I really think you should find someone better who actually cares for you, loves you and doesn't give up on you no matter what.

Yea, I do sound a bit angry, but I am not able to be calm in things much, especially when it's something wrong and also, I am bad at being concise, so you might find my writing a bit crude here and there, but he's wrong, he knows it and yet doesn't want to change. You really need a better person.
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