Can games change the way you think and feel?

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Can games change the way you think and feel?

Postby jedispork on Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:03 am

I admit I do like games but I also still want to quit. I'm more focused and I just feel better on my off months of gaming. I believe games can really change the way a person acts and feels. I started another topic a while back about anger managment issues in gaming. I think the people that are casual gamers probably play less than 5 games a year. I also have some friends like this and I can see big changes in their personality when they switch into gaming mode until they complete their game.

I believe video games are designed to encourage addictive behavior. It doesn't matter if your playing WoW or Halo. Gaming is still in its infancy. I agree with exgamers video blog that future games will be even more immersive. They figured out the addiction formula with WoW and I dread to see what beast they come up with next now that they know what their doing.

I'm going for another try on quitting the games. I want to improve myself. Not because I believe all games are bad or maybe they are? who knows. Staying with my original plan to divert my game time for music/movies/books.

I found these to be interesting about the affects of gaming on the mind. ... rain.shtml ... 0447.shtml


Edit:I just found out that you can somewhat disable achievement points for the xbox 360. I used to think they made games more fun to compare with friends or bragging rights. Now I think they might be part of the problem. They give you to much incentive for playing through a game multiple times or putting a lot of effort into something really difficult just so you can see your score go higher. If I no longer worry about the gamer score then I know I'm really just playing for fun and I don't feel required to keep up with the joneses.

Hopefully this will further cut down on gaming time and make sure the time I do spend on xbox is more enjoyable for me.
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Re: Can games change the way you think and feel?

Postby Sirena on Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:10 pm

Thanks for the links, jedi. I found them very interesting and emailed them to my husband. Will he read them? I don't know. He decided to join me while I was emailing them, so he knows they were from GW. Maybe he will.
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Re: Can games change the way you think and feel?

Postby wkct56 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:32 am

Yes, games can change the way people think by making them feel more insensitive to killing. Younger gamers are more susceptible.

This problem will become worse in the future as the technology for creating even more immersive games become mature.
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