The game cheat

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The game cheat

Postby emma on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:52 am

just broke up with my boyfriend of two years today. he is a chronic wow gamer. what's worse is that he was cheating on me with a girl on the video game. had to find out the hard way. he plays the game for hours and has played it so long, i have no idea how and when she entered his life. only through the internet did i learn that he likes her, and has been talking to her. worse, he's been calling her behind my back. he yells at me and calls me a psycho bitch. she doesn't live close, but it's just the same to me. either way it is emotional abuse. he turns things around, made me cry and feel like i am. deleting the messages wont make it go away. i'm hurting so bad. i tried to work it out and tell my my fears of this hapening, but i'm afraid when i was telling him it already was. lie after lie, today i saw the evidence right in front of my face. it was more than enough. worse, he lives downstairs in my apartment. he is such a liar he wont admit the truth when he got caught. instead he instists on lying. the real world is not good enough, and neither am i anymore. this girl is disguisting. she thinks it's funny and slaps it in my face. i hate both of them. he wants to move where she lives, now the reason makes sense. i have no idea how to handle this. i don't know what to do, and who to talk to. i have an apple in my throat and my body aches for no reason. all he cares about right now is his damn lip ring. no sorries, no confession. he'd been hurting my feelings through her for the past week, and treated my emotions as an uncessary burden. something he had to pretend to listen to and respond when prompted. i should've realized the signs, but i didn't know what to look for. he reasurred me that i was just over reacting. i was being psycho and jealous for no reason. i didn't know why i felt that way, i just did. now i know i should've listened to myself. but i listened to his lies as they kept piling up like the trash he never takes out. in real life other guys want me. i don't know how i let it get to this. i never thought he would cheat on me like this. i hate him for it. i was sick and he made me leave, now i know it was to talk to her. i don't think i will ever be able to trust again. i loathe video games. i can't help it. it ruined my relationship, he let it ruin the relationship.i'm hurting. i just want to hear i'm sorry. he ruined the relationship, he's ruining his life. he will never graduate college at this rate, or skill he needs to be. does anyone understand?
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Re: The game cheat

Postby Troi on Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:39 am

((((hugs)))) think that's the 1st thing you need heart goes out to you chick

The one thing you need to hold on to is that through this game HE allowed your relationship to falter, HE killed your relationship and that HE is ruining HIS life .... but you are strong enough to not allow him to ruin YOUR life.

Reading between the lines, he's living in a fantasy world(the game) but in real life do you really think this other girl is going to put up with the same crap you have - he won't change he'll eventually act the same with her that he acts with you.

My partners ex wife did the same, met blokes via net n then started affairs with them.... he eventually found out and after forgiving her a few times for this he finally decide enough was enough and told her to leave .....well she hasn't changed much...she has since turned lesbian and has a live in g/f and(so far as we know) has cheated on her 3 or 4 times already...

........once a cheater always a cheater.....
Trust is the most important part of a relationship and once it's gone it's nigh on impossible to get back.

He seems to be very good at the mental abuse... just remember he's the one with the problems NOT you.

Stay strong and find someone that deserves & wants you.

:hug :hug :hug
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