My Story: The Addicted no more

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My Story: The Addicted no more

Postby saltychip on Thu May 06, 2010 5:24 am

This is probably going to be very long. I wrote this about a month after I had quit world of warcraft for good. Which was august 25th 2009. I wrote this September 18th 2009. This was my first time actually attempting to leave the game and I was very proud with the results it brought me. I had plans of posting this on but it seems it was never accepted. So here this story sat on my computer in a text file. It seems now it needs to be told. Either way I hope you enjoy the read.

*Please excuse typos,this was not proof read entirely.

My Story: How I beat the addiction

I started playing wow in September of 2006. Basically a few months before BC came out. I originally started my gaming addiction I guess with Halo 2 which was released in 2004. I met some cool guys on Halo 2 and we got into World of Warcraft that way. Way before we even knew what ventrillo was we would have our xbox live headsets on sitting in a pregame lobby talking. While playing wow. It was pretty funny. I was around maybe 14 at that time? The last 4 years of my life are really a blur thanks to wow. Anyway I played with my buds and eventually got hooked. We found out what ventrillo was and we pretty much stopped playing Halo all together and would just play WoW. BC came out and we were even more hooked.

We all leveled together and had a super fun time playing. The months in the real world felt like seconds in wow. Days went by like seconds in wow. I eventually hit 70 with an alliance rogue. My buddies of mine eventually disappeared by that time. They went their own way on Wow. Either transferring or re rolling to horde to play with more friends. I was left alone, a fresh 70. 2 weeks after BC came out. I was bored with nothing to do but somehow I managed. I found a pretty nice raiding guild and within the first month of BC launch I was inside Karazhan getting gear. However It was boring because I didn't have my buddies from Halo to play with.

So I talked with them again and found out they rerolled horde. I decided to do the same and started playing with them again. This was around Midway 2007. I was still playing wow strong since the first day. 2-10 hours a day. Like clockwork. sleep,school,wow. Eventually I hit 70 on a horde character and was playing with them on horde doing instances and raids and having a good ole time. We always got bored with our characters and rerolled. By the end of 2007 we rerolled again. However our crew of like 10 people from halo dropped to around 4. Everyone was just fading away and going to do their own thing. BE it real world, console gaming again. Or just something we didn't even know.

So the 4 of us rerolled back to alliance and joined a re roll guild of other people that were starting fresh again. This was December 24th 2007. I remember it very well in my mind because I took a screen shot the day I made my character. It was a dwarf paladin. His goal was to be the best retribution paladin my server knew. The top. The months went by as I was leveling and reaching for my goal day by day. Not eating as much as needed. Not going outside to get sun and skipping almost all social activities to play with my "halo" friends and level. I've know them for close to 2+ years already at this point. So we were all really close. Felt like we were brothers.

Finally we reached our goal of 70 and it felt great. A long road but we finally reached it. At that point it as just 3 of us left. By now it was like almost midway 2008. We joined a newly formed raiding guild and started raiding 10mans and eventually a 25man. I was the main tank for my guild and was a paladin. I joined as prot because they needed a tank. SO i put my dream on ret on the back burner to help them out. Prot was great though. I worked really work and did some amazing things like 21 minute full shattered halls run from start to finish. I was widely known for being a great tank on my server. Eventually the stress got to our guild leaders(they were husband and wife) and they quit without saying a word to us. My friends and I were officers so it was kind of a let down. We couldn't continue the guild by ourselves so we cut our loses and left it. I had around t4.5ish gear and was looking around to join a serious hardcore raiding guild because I wanted to see BT(sunwell wasn't out yet).

I posted on the wow guild recruitment forums and found a guild that was 2/5 Hyjal and 1/9 BT. Basically starting fresh in Hyjal and BT and still doing SSC and TK. It was a perfect spot because I would be able to see all the raids. I joined as prot because they didn't need a ret paladin(they were almost non existent in some endgame raiding guilds at the time). So i got geared up really fast and within a couple of months I had some t6 and was really looking fly. The guild had progressed to around 5/5 Hyjal and 7/9 BT.

By then I had gotten promoted to class leader/officer and was ready to do my business to help the guild out. Within 2 weeks of me becoming an officer. My guild leader who was an cool guy just randomly transferred and took some other people with him. The guild eventually crumbled within days and I was once again left with nothing.

Back to the forums I went to look for another hardcore raiding guild. This time aiming for sunwell. I found one that was 9/9 BT and 1/6 in sunwell. However this time. I got to join as RETRIBUTION! I was extremely happy because I had been tanking for so long. I had mostly t4.5ish and t6 type ret gear but they allowed it. I got geared up for ret insanely fast and within a few weeks had 4piece t6 and some other great gear.

Later on my friend found out I was a raider now and he was still playing too. He transferred to my server and we raided together so it was awesome. We stayed in that guild for about a year. Raiding Monday- Thursday. 7:30PM-11:30PM but obviously i was online before that. Eventually I was really geared and even though ret was pretty bad DPS i was happy doing what i was doing. I was in the 3rd best alliance guild on the server and things were going okay. Little did I know how much of my social life I was leaving behind.

Fast forward to the near end of 2008. WOTLK is coming out and I'm pumped because of all the new changes to my retribution spec. I knew with those changes I was going to be insane. The patch for the new expansion came out about a week before the game actually did. So i got to test the changes and wow.. I went from being like 1500dps and around 10th-15th on the damage meters. To 2800-3200 DPS and 1-3rd on the damage meters. My gear was pretty amazing but my spec just didn't do enough damage. That all changed with WOTLK and I was stoked.

So, the day of the games release comes. I'm excited. All these new things are coming. So much so that I decide to go to the midnight release of the game at my nearby gamestop. I lived in a town of around 50,000 population. I didn't expect a lot of people there but just in case I went there at 8PM and stood in line for 4 hours. With my mom. How embarrassing right? I had just turned 17 the month before and I didn't have my own transportation. By the time 12AM came around there was around 300 people in the line. Some of the people I was talking to were addicted just like me. It never hit me though that I was addicted. One guy was around 30 and had his laptop there with him leveling to 70 right before the new expansion. Using the wifi that was around. I talked with him and found out that he lived in his truck and didn't have a job apparently. His laptop battery was dying and he couldn't charge it nearby without getting out of line. SO he ran to his truck and took out his car battery and did some magic and I guess got a juice for his laptop. Crazy indeed.

The other guy standing next to me was around 45. He told me he called in sick to work for the next couple of days so he could get it first and play it for a while. I thought that was interesting.

I was only 17 so I didn't have anything really to say but I'm a gamer picking up my game. As I looked around there I noticed a lot of very shy, pale looking people. As if they were scared of something. Then I looked at myself and noticed. I hope I don't become that. Little did I know, i already was that. I just couldn't see it.

Anyway, I get the new expansion and get hooked even more. I get to 80 within 5 days of the release and was the second person in my guild to hit 80. I probably played 15 hour a day nonstop leveling and eating by my computer. I would sleep for 6 hours then go back to leveling. It was very hard and somewhat stupid to do but I didn't care. I wanted it.

Eventually all the people in my guild hit 80 and we started to raid. We were still known as one of the top raiding guilds on alliance so it was all good. We smoked the new raiding content because it was so easy and I got some sweet gear. By then retribution was almost too strong and had to be toned down. However since I stuck with it for such a long time I didn't really care. Anything was better than before. So we just keep doing the same 3 or 4 raids until Ulduar came out. Then things changed..

Once ulduar came out. It was like. Pretty crazy. Everyone was so pumped up about it and was ready to be number one. The first day ulduar came out we started and raided for about 4-5 hours. We got some of the server first kills and got pretty far our first night. As time went by we rose to the best guild on our server. Within a couple of weeks/month. We killed the last boss and secured our spot as number one guild with the first kill of it. By then I had probably the best gear on the server for my spec.

At the same time I was pvping with a person I met. Collecting PvP gear from raiding through the badges and PvP boss. Eventually I had collected some pretty nice pvp gear and was ready to try to be the best or at least top 10 arena team on my server. I was a 2v2 type of person. I had to manage a lot of things as ret since my partner wasn't so great. I never got into 5v5 or 3v3. So we started strong. Slowly but surely we rose to 2350. Which was our highest peak. By that time I was still raiding in ulduar and had amazing gear for both raiding and for pvp. Once we hit 2350 we were about 50 points ahead of the next person and then I realized I did it. Finally. After 3 years. I had gotten to the top. I was known on my server as the best pvp paladin and the best raiding geared one too. By that point I had hit my goal and had nothing left to look forward to. Once I noticed that. The game took a turn for the worst. It got extremely boring. Raiding ulduar was boring. I would sit through 4 hours 4 days a week to raid for gear I didn't need anymore. I would pvp but I didn't have anyone else I needed to get higher than. So all I did was just sit in the main city and stand there. Like a statue forever to remember the greatness that was my character.

Then.. I met a girl... a girl I liked very much somehow. Yes I met her through wow! It's possible!

This was a new challenge. To win this girl over and be with her. I was pretty much done with my alliance character because he had everything he could ever want. I also had a lot of alts. Every class in the game 60+ thanks to recruit a friend. I was set. Nothing needed to be done. 2 80s, 5 70s, 4 60s.

So onto this girl. She played horde. I wanted to play with her. I only played horde once before and it wasn't that big a deal but I just wanted to play with her. So I traded my account with all my characters. Worth maybe 1000 dollars. For one two 80s in pretty bad gear. I did a major downgrade but I didn't care. I really liked this girl and wanted to be with her however I could.

I transferred to her server with my new characters and played with her. I was really kind and almost loved her I though. Then one day she just randomly told me "I'm not in love with you like I thought I was". Basically she broke up with me. I was pretty devastated because I had given so much up to be with this girl. I was hurt for about a week but I tried not to show it. The day she told me that I gave her all my gold. Which was about 6500g. I kept playing even though I didn't know anyone on the server but her. I just played randomly and do some instances. I joined a raiding guild but left midway through the first day I joined. Because I had seen all that on my paladin and didn't need to be refreshed on it. So i stopped raiding and just did some instances. Hope that girl would come to her senses and see that I was a great guy. The day never came and eventually I forgot about her because I met another girl.

I met this new girl on the same server I was on. I still didn't know anyone and this was about a month after breaking up with the last girl. This new girl was nice. I was just looking for a friend because I was lonely and she had just broken up with her boyfriend so I guess she was looking for a friend too. I was randomly jumping around in the city and she told me "im envious of your gear". The character I had traded for was decently geared by then. I told her "thanks, its okay I guess". Then continued to talk to her through whispers. Eventually I was like "hey can you take a look at my picture at tell me why this girl would be dumb enough to break up with me?" Basically a little flirty move. She was like "sure, can you do the same for me?". I agreed. Sparks went off like crazy from there. We both saw each other and fell in love. We started hanging out nonstop together pretty much. By the 4th day she accidentally said "I love you" and I said "do you really mean it?". She said yes. So i said it back took because I meant it also.

Eventually we decided to try a relationship after she said that. I knew we were flirting around together and stuff but I didn't know if she wanted to be together. Apparently she did. So we got together and tried a long distance relationship. This was during the summer of 2009. About 2-3 months ago. Since there was no school we would play like 10 hours a day together and talk to each other in ventrillo. Just me and her. We were pretty much inseparable and it was great to have the feeling of being loved. However. The game was still really boring for me. I played it solely now to talk to girls it seemed. It started with that first one and now this one. I didn't even care if I was a naked level 1. Just if I could talk to them. Maybe I was like a player but not really.

So the girl I like hits 80 with her character and we can finally do instances together. During that time though I was pretty much with her nonstop soloing instances for her and just having fun together. Once she hit 80 the new t9 raid was out with the new instance. That seemed pretty cool so we did those instances together and she got some gear and I got some too. I was a protection(back to my roots huh:P)paladin and she was a healer priets. I went back to being a prot paladin. Which is what I started my raiding journey as. Funny how things come back full circle.

Anyway. We played together at 80 but not for long. A couple of weeks after the new instances and raids. Something bad happened. The person I had traded my account to. Recalled his. I was without an account. I couldn't recall mine because the last name as my friend because I transferred a character from his account to mine and needed to use the same last name. The only way I could recall my original account was with an ID that didn't exsist. Besides, I didn't care about my old account it was all Alliance and I played horde with this girl I liked.

Either way, I lost the account and couldn't recall mine back so I quit cold turkey. It was pretty hard to do but. I still wasn't enjoying the game. I was enjoying the company I had. I had reached the pinnacle of what I originally wanted and was proud of what I did. The girl I liked fought to get my account back for me and talked to the person that logged on and said things like "hey give it back!" and even went so far as to talk with the person in vent. She really wanted me to play with her but I had bigger ideas. I told her. Let it go. I don't want to play anymore. I still want to talk to you though. Even before now we would talk every night on the phone before she went to sleep so it was all good. I told her. If our relationship is real it was last past world of warcraft. All we would have is phone communication but that's all most long distance relationships are anyway.

Turns out our relationship did last past wow and it's still going. It's somewhat bumpy. We broke up 3 times in the past 2 months together but we are still "together". We plan to meet in june of 2010 and hope that we have that physical connection for each other. I love this girl deeply and I think wow was put in my path to actually meet her. There was no other reason for me to keep playing after I lost the first girl.. but I did.. Why? Was I addicted still? Maybe.. Or was I look for something more.. Who knows..

Fast Forward to present time: It's been about a 1.5 months since I lost that account I had played with. I've been with the girl for about 2 months now and its going okay. We don't talk for 10 hours like we used to because of school and stuff but we talk for like an hour almost every night so it works out okay. I'm looking forward to when I meet her. So now I have a another goal. This goal is greater than the one I made in wow. For this one is real and will change my REAL life forever.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm 17 about to be turning 18 next month. I wasted away maybe 3+ years of my life to WoW and other gaming addictions that closed me off from the world. At times I was scared to go outside and socialize with anyone. I was so wrapped around wow that all I wanted to do was play it until my goal was reached and maybe even beyond that. You would think after 3+ years of staying inside and getting minimum socialism. I would be fat overweight and ugly. I think that god himself had me wrapped around a seal tight bubble. Nothing really harmed me. I'm sure I lost some of stamina/endurance from not being on the track team at school anymore but I never gained weight or anything super negative.

Something arose. A new challenge and goal for me to meet and it was Wait until June and meet this girl. Be the man and make her fall head over heels for you again. This time in real life.

So I look at it like this. Wow had a purpose for me. whether it was to meet this wonderful girl or lose some of my life to it. I'm not quite sure. What I do know is a couple of things though.

I want this girl to be proud of me and not just be some Wow gaming addict like I used to be. So I have 9 months to get a first job that I skipped on because my parents funded my wow addiction and everything was handed to me basically. 9 months to learn to drive and get a car because I never went anywhere while playing wow so much. 9 months to get money because my parents paid for everything. To get the money I need a job. Also 9 months to gain back some muscle I lost while playing wow.

Lots of things need to happen in 9 months. I don't know if it will happen or if I can do it but I'm going to try my best. I have a goal to reach. All these things need to be done before June and I reach my goal and get the girl hopefully. My motivation to continue forward is that. No matter what struggles or challenges come into your life. You have to decide if your going to let it push you down and step on you and beat you up. Or are you going to stand against it as best as you can and fight it head on.

As for me, I'm going to claim this town. For too long have I been scared to go outside. Scared to socialize and scared to just be a human being in society. Thanks to wow. But no more. I will get this girl and I will have something to offer her when we meet instead of just a free instance run in WOW.

Now is the time you decide. Do you open the door of life and step forward. Claiming what is rightfully yours... or do you close the door and hide in your room scared of what could happen. Don't worry the outcome. Know the choice and choose the right one. For I am a child of god and it says Deuteronomy 28:13.

The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

I want to be at the top.

How about you? Are you going to open the door or close it?

I'm going to claim what god has in store for me and not be bound by this game any longer... I hope you do the same friends.

Sorry for this extremely long post but I just got into the mood of telling my story. Hopefully all of it was written in here and you can understand where I'm coming from. I also made a youtube video basically on how the addiction broke thanks to a girl a couple weeks back.

Watch both parts or you won't really understand.

These videos were made August 28th 2009. 3 days after quitting wow.



Started wow september 2006 at 14(almost 15) years old

Ended wow August 2009. 3 years later.
I'm now 17 turning 18 in october.

I was blessed enough to be able to burn my life away until adulthood with this gaming addiction. If i was 20+ this would have been an extremely much worse situation. I hope that people that are older than me reading this and thinking this is you. Change your thinking. You're better than playing a video game. Your not playing it if your here. It's playing you most likely or someone you know. So re read what I said earlier and fight the good fight.

Good luck my friends

End of Story. My actual account of how my life was in wow.


Now fast forward from august 2009 to now. I put my addiction from video games into working out and with the P90X, P90X+ systems. I had awesome results. I went from your stereotypical nerdy kid, to your impressive buff jock. Quite the change. I found out that now I love fitness. I cant get enough of it. I was so bound by warcraft that I couldn't see something else that is enjoyable to me. Working out and being fit is going to be life long for me now. I was about 120 pounds when I played wow because I would eat at my computer and defiantly not eat enough. To now being at around 140. Which is a good weight for my size(5'10). Here are some pictures of before and how I looked after. How i used to look when I played wow addictively and how i look after breaking the addiction.


Well wait what happened to the girl? Did you meet her?!
Well after wow, we didnt last more than 3 weeks. The feelings we had for each other didnt reall yseem to last past wow. I was having fading feelings for her because we didnt talk as much and I'm sure she felt the same. She started to make jokes at me and claim how I was "weak". Cute but "weak". Thing that like that hurt my pride because at the time I was with her. I was like 120 pounds. So those hurtful things let feelings die for her. She said there was this guy at school that was flirting with her and was like "we are gonna be together". I was really jealous and upset by that because he was in real life and I wasn't. I trusted her though and she said she still loved me. About a week after that she told me" All my feelings for you are pretty much gone and I like this guy at school". That same guy too.. what a bitch lol. We broke up after that point. After her i went through a lot of girls. Maybe 5 or more. It was probably thanks to her that I got into working out as hardcore as I do now. Maybe i wanted to show her that i wasn't "weak". I think thats the reason why. I wanted to make her jealous for her to see what she lost. It was a good theory at least. Deep down though I want it for myself. She tried contact me once before on myspace after we broke up. Which was actually about 4 months ago. I told her. She says no hard feelings and she wants to be friends and I've gotten "ripped". I said, "you have the audacity to talk to me after 8 months of nothing?". She says "no hard feelings i just want to be friends". Then I said something like. "There is plenty of other people you can be friends with that isn't me. Goodbye. Dont ever talk to me or text me again." Then i blocked her. I haven't heard from her sense.

Then i finally found the one girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. We've been together for about 2 and a half months now and I've never been so happy before. I moved on past that girl from wow and have this girl loves me from the inside. Which is all i ever really wanted. I told her about my addicted past of video games. She finds it funny and says she would be okay if i was still like that because she grew up with a lot of brothers that played video games. For any addict though, you know its not okay and I hope i never get back to that point I was at. It was good to learn what i did back then because it made me smarter in a lot of things but it was at the cost of losing my social life and all my friends. Just now im starting to get back into the scene of things. It takes a lot of readjusting. I thought for the longest time i was going to be stuck with social anxiety or something from wow. I was able to break free from it and live a normal life. I'm not really sure who to thank. That girl,me, or god. Either Way. It's done. I won the battle and the war in this part of my life.

I hope for the people who could stand to read all that. That you learned something, maybe became wiser or it helped you to want to quit if you need to. Either way, just remember. You only have one life. Some people enjoy living that one life through something else that is accepted easier than themselves. Each person has their own definition of living life. I used to think for the longest time all it was, was world of warcraft. I'm glad i was mistaken. There is much more to life than wow. You just have to be brave enough to break the addiction and step outside your comfort zone to the reality of real life. If you dont, it very well will pass you by and 10 years from now you'll still be doing the same thing and realize you missed out on the prime points of your life. Now i have to figure out how to get 3 years of my life back that i lost from wow. I was lucky enough to burn my gaming addiction up early. It could have been very devastating and far worse if I was in my 20s or older..(not sure if i repeated this in the story).

I hope you enjoyed this read.

My story on how I beat the addiction to WoW
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Re: My Story: The Addicted no more

Postby FadedNovelty on Wed May 19, 2010 8:13 am

Congrats on beating the game :) I know oh too well how hard it is. Keep up the good work ^.^
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