Feeling so out of control

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Feeling so out of control

Postby Deadpool911 on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:00 pm

I recently started playing wow again. I don't really get out too much probably less than once a month. I use wow to have some social interaction with the world, but I always end up being wholly consumed by it and it is starting to really affect my marriage. I also feel like I'm addicted to marijuana even though it isn't addictive supposedly. I want to put both of these things out of my life for good, but I keep finding myself doing them over and over again. Both of them are causing severe damage to my marriage. I don't know if it's the social interaction/satisfaction I get from doing them both with friends, or If It's something deeper inside of me that compels me to do these things over and over again. I play all night and sleep till 2-3pm in the afternoon and my wife complains I don't spend any time with her. I seriously feel like I don't have control over myself and my actions. Please someone... anyone help
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Re: Feeling so out of control

Postby Tawnee on Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:23 am

Hiya Deadpool,

Glad you posted.

Why don't you totally uninstall wow? I know how big it is and how long it takes to install and do all the patches, so maybe this may work.

If you have to think about doing all that work it may delay the time that you actually get on so that the urge has died down by then.

You could also throw away all the disks. Íf that scares you too much at least keep them at some one elses house.

Do NOT give them to your wife as it will become a battle between the 2 of you instead of your battle with wow.

Good luck and keep posting.
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