Start of a New Life. Next Generation Robbed of Future?

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Start of a New Life. Next Generation Robbed of Future?

Postby Whippetartist on Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:29 am

My New Life:
I moved to Clermont, FL, my new life is great.
Female, late 50's, never played online games, my success from analogue work/life.
Live alone in one bed apt. with art studio, photo studio, etc.
My question for this topic & this forum:
Background, summer '2011, my nephews & niece live with parents in a house several minutes away from me. Niece is now in 11th grade, nephews don't go to school, don't work jobs, both in their early 20's. The boys spend all night playing WoW online, hanging out with their friends, go to occassional movie, chat on Skype, sleep all day. On holidays, weekends, niece does same as her brothers.
I don't see them, even on a rare visit to the house, never talk on phone, etc. In past when I was young I didn't want to hang with my parents, family, elders either, however, I was always available for emergencies, & taxi service.
I have moved on with my life, working out of my apt, have businesses I run. No need to have any contact with my family.
What does it mean for parents to rob their children of their future?
(Most people answer me thinking I mean children in poverity, children born to illegal immigrants) These family members have had everything given to them, they lack for nothing, don't even eat leftovers.
Reason why I ask is that I know, honest with myself, being more than twice their ages I won't be here when they arrive at their futures. :headscratch
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