Parental Controls

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Parental Controls

Postby Saz on Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:58 pm


I have been reading some of the posts and am quite interested to know if anyone has tried to manage their own or SO's game time using parental controls, and more importantly, how did it work out for you? I know that this has been covered already but the post looked a little old so thought I would ask about it again.

I have just crossed quite a big line where 'space' in a marriage is concerned and have accessed and set up the parental controls to my husband's WoW account. I know it would have been more desirable to do this together with his say so, but I haven't actually set any restrictions. He is under the illusion that I am unaware of his heavy involvement within his guild, he thinks I do not know that he is an administrator for his guild website and that he is posting on there from work. He mentioned a few of the strange questions on the guild application form and stated that he has no idea why they would ask them. He was the one who actually wrote it (although I am not supposed to know this, nor do I know his password...) So this is why I have set up the parental controls to my email. So that he can't prevent me from doing it in the future. I know that if I was to mention 'parental controls' he would laugh it off and then immediately set them up to his account, enabling him to always be in control thus preventing us from using this tool in the future. He would probably also tell me that it's not possible to do on his account as he's an adult, or words to that affect..

Anyway, I suppose I felt I had to justify my actions. I have his passwords, so why not just delete his characters, you ask? Honestly, because I'm scared of the reaction I might get. And besides, they can be restored and it wouldn't 'fix' the problem. My SO has been playing WoW for 5 years in June. He works full time, and has spent about 13 months of that time away with work (not all at once!) where he has no access to WoW, yet has still managed to amass an approximate total of 400 days game time. I can't get the exact numbers as over time he has deleted characters to start new ones. So pressing and typing delete really isn't going to change anything.

I'm sorry if I have offended or upset anyone with this post, it would be great to have some feedback on what you think. Even if you disagree with what I have done, feel free to say so. All opinions are better than just one :)

Saz xx
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