Still addicted to WoW

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Still addicted to WoW

Postby Malfious on Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:44 pm

I've always been what you would call a gamer, and roleplaying games have always been my type of choice. I used to watch my Dad play games on his old Atari when I was six and some of my earliest memories are of my sheer fascination with the roleplaying game Mega Traveler.

When I was ten I got my own console and I really took to gaming, I got good at it and even set some records back in the day, I had the fastest time on some levels in Sonic 2 in the UK. Most of the games of the 80's and 90's on consoles were pretty short, and I would burn through them, even the RPG's had an end. I'm naturally bright so it didn't really effect my education. Roll forward to the end of the Xbox era and start of the current generation, I got completely addicted to games like Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, some of the much bigger and longer roleplaying games. This was the first time it impacted me, I was so hooked that due to the timing of some releases it had a negative impact on my exams. I remember when Oblivion came out I put all my university projects to the side until the last minute and thankfully my friends helped me pull through and pass. The thing is with all the games I've listed so far is that they end. Even at the heights of my addiction with these games all it meant was that I would just finish it faster, I'd max my character, the skills, I'd get all the achievements and see all there was to see in the game so I'd eventually get bored and stop. So even though I knew I had somewhat of a problem, it never impacted me and the release of such games is not highly frequent due to the development times.

Then I met my girlfriend who is now my fiance. She was never much into console gaming but had been playing WoW since The Burning Crusade (the level 61-70 addon). Most of her friends played it too and it was what they would mostly talk about. When we moved in together, if she was on WoW I'd just play a game or read and it wasn't too bad but she pestered me to play it. I often refused, secretly knowing what I was like but refusing to admit to it. Then Return of the Lich King came out and it just seemed really cool compared to the other expansions. So I caved and started playing, at first it wasn't too bad and we both played rather casually but gradually almost without realising it our playtime increased and we started to get to know more and more of the regular players in the realm. When I hit max level I started doing the dungeons and end level content and maximizing my character, I read the websites to be the best that I could be. Even though I was playing it now a lot, I still didn't go beyond heroic dungeons and I kept out of guilds because I was working and had other stuff to do.

But then I lost my job, not through WoW, large government cutbacks and then all of a sudden I had a lot more free time. Instead of immediately trying to fix the situation I thought to myself "well now I can play a bit more WoW for a little bit." Within a short time I had started my own Guild, recruited many members, brought a teamspeak server for communications, purchased top gaming equipment with savings and got into hardcore raiding. We got good at the game, very good, and soon almost everyone knew who I was and who my guild was. We are successful Guild and took off, at the time of writing we have just short of 500 members, we exploded onto the following expansion Cataclysm (the 80-85 content) and cleared all the raids and even doing some on the hardest possible difficulty. Let me just say this, there is no one who does Heroic Raiding who has not got a WoW problem. The sheer time investment to get to that stage of the game is astronomical and there is no way Blizzard cannot be aware of that, if you play it a couple of hours a day you can't even enter the heroic raids, you simply won't be capable of doing them.

Two years passed, maybe even a little bit more and my situation had not changed, I found as the leader of my Guild I had so many obligations and management duties to perform, it was like running a business, it still is. Even with competent officers to assist me, I feel like I cannot let go of the reins. After coming so far in the game it seems impossible to let go, my attitude has changed as well. When I started WoW I was happy to be playing with my fiance and getting immersed in the world but now I almost feel entitled, I get annoyed when people don't aknowledge my accomplishments or titles and see myself as a better person than the newbies. Part of me envies their happy go lucky ways and naivety of the world they're in but being at the top of your game is like being in an elite inner circle.

Recently my relationship is starting to suffer, she plays WoW and is a good player but not as good as me and some of the better guildmates so sometimes I look down on her purely on her level of skill or lack of knowledge on the game, I often belittle her if she doesn't know how to defeat a boss. She doesn't play as often either due to being a nurse in a high position at the hospital. I got onto another course to get work at the end of it, mostly because I was forced into it if I am honest and I'm struggling to do the work and revision required to pass. I want to do well and sort out my relationship and work but the honest truth is a part of me cares more about my guildmates and the game. The trouble with WoW unlike the games of my past is that it NEVER ends. They are always adding to it, there is always something to do and as a completionist it is a never ending nightmare to try and get absolutely everything. I've actually completed 80% of all the achievements but can't seem to get the elusive last few.

I need help, some kind, any kind of help to fix my life. I don't think I'll ever be, or want to be, completely free of all games but WoW has me caught in a very tight grip. I feel closer to my guild mates than any of the friends I've made, and subsequently lost, in real life. Please give me any advice that you can.
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Re: Still addicted to WoW

Postby laroo on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:24 pm


Wow. It sounds like you're in a tough spot. But it also sounds like you're ready for something to change. If you read through some of the stories, a common thread for a lot of folks is that a replacement activity helps. Something away from the game. Just like smokers sometimes chew gum or something, a replacement activity can make all the difference.

My wife is an officer in her raiding guild, was playing 60 hours a week, and now she's cut back the hours she plays drastically. It was a serious issue at one point, nearly led to our divorce. Now, she raids two nights a week, plays here and there but not too much on non-raid nights, and it's good enough for her. She's found other things that she enjoys doing outside of WoW. If they are things you can do with your fiance, all the better.

In any case, it sure sounds like you are at a point where you are able to take a look at the priorities you place on things in your life, and that is good. Hope for the best, take care Malfious.

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