What is a Gamer Widow?

A Gamer Widow is a term for those who have a relationship with an Addicted Gamer (one who plays video games to excess, be it on a console or on the computer) who pays more attention to the video game than to their partner….thereby making their partner a ‘gamer widow’ (female) or ‘gamer widower’ (male). In general we say ‘gamer widow’ and encompass both male and female community members.  A ‘relationship’ can include everything from marriage, living together, relatives, friendship, girlfriend/boyfriend.

Is GamerWidow.com the place for me?

GamerWidow.com is a place for all Gamer Widow(er)s to come together and discuss their experiences, learn about other ‘widows and widowers‘ and also learn about the games that their gamers are obsessed with. Gamers who want to quit, are currently trying to quit or simply want to learn more about us are also welcome and will particularly benefit from our Rehab Room!

Mission Statement

Gamer Widow’s mission is to provide a portal for all gamer widow(er)s and their gamers. Our main goal is to have a place where gamer widow(er)s feel that they can come and share their frustrations with their fellow gamer widow(er)s, and discuss their feelings and develop a comraderie that only those in their position understand. This portal includes a website containing up-to-date news, stories shared by fellow widow(er)s, a chatroom, merchandise, and other useful information and resources for the gamer widow(er). Gamer Widow is an online community providing a home and portal for all gamer widow(er)s. We also welcome Gamers, ex-Gamers and Gamers trying to quit to visit our REHAB Room in our Forums.

Popular Terms

Some popular terms in the Gamer Widow community are; Video Game Addiction, Gaming Addict, Video game addict, WoWCrack, EverCrack, WoW Widow (World of Warcraft Widow), EQ Widow (Everquest Widow), UO Widow (Ultima Online Widow), CoH Widow (City of Heroes Widow), FF Widow or FFXI Widow (Final Fantasy XI Widow), CoD Widow (Call of Duty Widow), gamer, game addiction, guild, guildie, guildmates, raid, ganking, levelling, epic item, instance, toon, drop, grind, teamspeak, ventrilo.