Who We Are

Although GamerWidow.com was originally the brain-child of our Founder there are a number of people who help keep the site running and who without I’m sure the site would fall apart!


Sherry Myrow/Lyoness - Founder & CEO

Melissa Taylor/Faeril - Creative Director & COO


/Neglected - I’m Neglected, and I’m a former gaming addict as well as a former widow of a Diablo and then FFXI gamer. I no longer play any type of games and my marriage to the gamer ended in divorce. I have never been able to be the “casual” gamer type and basically had to quit gaming by the cold turkey method. I’ve been game free for almost three years and gamer free for over one year. 

I am the proud mom of two sons. My oldest son, who was addicted to WOW, quit when he enrolled to a University in Arizona where he is now a sophomore. My youngest son has special needs and we currently live in Texas. We are a game free family now and are really enjoying our lives! We enjoy traveling, going to movies, baseball and cooking. 

I know that you will find the help that you are seeking, just like I did, when I joined this compassionate community a little over two years ago. I enjoy and am proud to be a Moderator for such a wonderful group of people!

/PsykiBlue - Hi, my name is Karla and I’ve been apart of gamerwidow for about 2 and a ½ years, and a moderator for one year and change. This community in a lot of ways was my salvation when it came to the gaming problems that my husband and I were having. I felt like there was no one I could talk to and imagine my surprise when I found the site. I’m 27, have been married for almost 3 years, we don’t have any children yet, but we’re hoping to change that soon. I’m thankful that gaming is no longer a major stressor in our relationship. Its not that my husband has given up gaming, but he has learned to moderate it and put me, our relationship, our life together first. I’m currently completing my social work degree with hopes that I will either work in long term care or counseling. Welcome to the site, please make yourself comfortable, read some of the entries and feel free to contact me through PM if you need a one on one chat. 

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