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Who is this site intended for?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

You know…I was just browsing the forums and I came across a point that was brought up in a post back in May that I feel I should address.

If this site is not intended just for “Gamingwidows” then maybe it should be renamed “human relationships site”.

When I first created this site back in ‘05, I was a World of Warcraft widow in need of a place where I could share my frustrations in a safe environment and help anyone I could to cope with the feelings that I was feeling.  At that time there were NO message forums for gamer widows. There was one Yahoo! email list for EverQuest widows (but I wanted more than just an email list) and there was OLGAnon (but I’m not really into the 12 steps thing and I felt the site wasn’t really for me), so I created

It was my safe place. A place where not just World of Warcraft or Everquest widows could come and share/vent/support each other, but a place for anyone who has felt neglected over ANY game at all.  The forums have seen a lot of change since then.  As time went by, I noticed that it wasn’t just the widows or widowers who visited the site but also gamers and ex-gamers.  I am a very optimistic and positive person by nature and everyone always starts off with an A with me until they prove that they don’t deserve it.  So naturally I was very welcoming towards everyone who joined — even really hostile, mean gamers who mocked what they thought the site was all about.  LOL In the end some of those hostile gamers stayed on as members and eventually became moderators!

Basically, what this site is about is positivity and support. I will never advise someone to just leave their addicted gamer nor will I ever just “blame the game”. Every relationship is unique and while we have some similarities, one fix will never work for all who come to the site. I am not a psychologist, though I pretty much minored in psychology in University and it’s my passion to study human behaviour.  I have a degree in Computer Science and do proudly call myself “geek”.  I have played, and yes become addicted to, World of Warcraft myself in attempts to save my marriage.  I still go through ups and downs….but overall my life is better because of and the community that has formed here.

This site is intended for gamer widows, gamer widowers, gaming addicts, ex-gamers, casual gamers who have an interest in the addiction, parents of gamers, friends of gamers, basically ANYONE who has an interest in video game addiction/obsession, ANYONE who wants to help or be helped, ANYONE who needs support.

So Welcome to :)